When applying for our programs, a child/youth must be between the ages of 6 and 16 years. The mentoring relationship can be supported by the agency through to 18 years of age.

For children to be considered for our Mentoring programs, there should be the absence of significant psychological, emotional and/or behavioural needs so that the child can benefit from the mentoring relationship and is not set up for a negative experience. This is done in the best interest of the child and is based on the nature of our programs. If a child can not be successfully serviced through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program based on their needs, a referral to a more suitable service provider may be facilitated with the consent of the parent/guardian.

COMMUNITY BASED MENTORING (traditional program)

Criteria for Boys 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Windsor Essex matches boys primarily from father-absent families and who lack a male influence in their lives. There is also the option of matching boys to a female adult volunteer if the Mentoring Coordinator and the parent/guardian feel that this is appropriate based on the boy’s needs.

Criteria for Girls

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Windsor Essex matches girls from any family situation based on their need for consistent friendship from a mature adult female volunteer.

If a child does not meet the above criteria they may be eligible for one of our Group Mentoring programs only. This is recommended at the discretion/assessment of the Mentoring Coordinator.


School-Based Mentoring program participants are referred by school personnel through the Greater Essex County District School Board and the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board.

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