1000 miles and over 30 years of friendship!

“Jeremy and I shared 7 unforgettable years together developing a strong relationship and growing together not only from a Big and Little Brother standpoint, but truly as brothers.
I’ll never forget the day when he called and informed me that he had received an athletic scholarship to play hockey at the college he was attending in Florida. It seemed to make all those days of playing shinny and getting him into organized hockey here in Windsor all worthwhile.

In August of 1998, at the age of 22, Jeremy became a Deputy Sherriff with the Orange County Sherriff’s Dept. in Orlando, Florida. He will have 15 years on as a police officer this year and will soon be promoted to the rank of Sergeant, funny – the same rank I hold here in Windsor!! I guess I did have some influence on him after all.

While our match officially came to a close in terms of the agency when Jeremy was 16 and moved to Florida, our relationship together remains strong to this day!”
-Brett Corey, Former Big Brother

“I was 9 years old when Brett became my Big Brother. Looking back on it now, I don’t think I understood the relationship that was forming between us, but Brett certainly did. He recognized what I was missing in my life and was eager to help a young boy for no other reason than he wanted to.

“I am 100 % certain that I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without Brett’s guidance, mentoring and friendship. This wonderful organization we know as Big Brothers /Big Sisters paired the two of us together but I know that a greater power was involved. I am so very thankful to have had a great man – Brett come into my life to be there to help me along the bumpy road of growing up. I think that we have an incredible story together after 28 years even though we live 1000 miles apart.”
-Jeremy, Former Little Brother