December’s Mentor of the Month



Our Mentor of the Month for December is Amanda!

“I’ve been matched with Amanda for eight years. Since Amanda entered my life when I was eight or almost nine years old, we have been incredibly close. I was a rather shy child who hardly talked to people, but Amanda helped me get over that and come out of my shell. She also never failed to support me at a difficult period of my life when I was struggling with my anxiety, and I will always be appreciative of her assistance. I am also so thankful that her husband and family include me in many things going on in their life, like their wedding, as I was a bridesmaid. All things considered, Amanda is my best friend and my true sister, and I am incredibly grateful that she is in my life. I love her like a real sister.” – Little Sister, Emma

“I have been matched with my little Emma for several years, and this opportunity to mentor her as she has grown into the amazing young woman she is today has been such a privilege. The experience of being able to help support and guide Emma has allowed us to develop a bond that will last forever. Emma has become such a huge part of my life. To me, she is family. We have done so much together. From taking day trips, attending graduations, spending time in the community together, to asking Emma to stand in my wedding this past year, we have truly made some great memories that I will forever cherish. I couldn’t have asked to be matched with a better sister and look forward to having Emma in my life for many years to come.” – Big Sister, Amanda

Mentor of the Month is proudly sponsored by the OSSTF Active Retired Members (ARM), Chapter 9, Great Essex.