Game On and Go Squad/Go Girls Winter Sessions



Our Game On and Go Squad/Go Girls Winter Sessions just wrapped up. We are so proud to be able to make a difference supporting these incredible youth! We could go on and on; but they say it much better:

“I feel like Game On is beneficial for boys my age because you can talk to people your own age and make friends.”

“I enjoyed the program because we talked, we played and we had a lot of fun every week!”

“3 things I learned in Game On:
We can cry
To have fun!!”

“I feel like Go Girls is beneficial for people my age because people at this age start feeling insecure about themselves and it teaches you to love yourself as well as others.”

“I feel that Go Girls brings people closer together and makes me feel more like myself.”

“3 Things I learned about the program:
How to set boundaries
To be myself”