June’s Mentor of the Month



The Mentor of the Month for June is someone who exemplifies the meaning of being a mentor. Ed has been volunteering in our In-School Mentoring program for the last 12 years! Throughout his years of mentoring, Ed has been matched to four different students and has provided each with a unique experience, all which included lots of learning, laughing and the development of wonderful friendships.

Ed has, and continues to be, a mentor who is consistent, reliable, understanding and patient. He has provided his mentees with the opportunity to learn new skills, challenge themselves and overall have a break from their school day to spend time with someone who will listen to, and have fun with them.

While Ed’s most recent match began just this past November, they quickly developed an amazing friendship. Together, Ed and his mentee enjoyed playing strategy games, talking, baking and teaching each other new things. When chatting with his mentee about his experience being matched to Ed, he stated that he feels he can really connect with Ed and that Ed “really listens” to what he has to say. Ed’s mentee rated their match an “11/10”, explaining that having Ed as a mentor “feels like having a brother”.

Ed also shared a few words about his overall experience being involved with BBBSWE:

“My name is Ed Hooft and I have been involved with the BBBS In-School Mentoring program since 2011. Over the years I have been paired with 4 fine young men. When I first entered the program, I thought that my role would be to mentor them in academics… The program is not about improving scholastic skills, but improving their self-image and feeling of self-worth. How is this done? By being a good listener. I highly recommend becoming involved in this program if you’re looking to play a role in helping a young person be all that they can be.”
Thank you Ed, for your ongoing commitment and support to the In-School Mentoring Program over the last 12 years. We are so grateful to have you as part of our volunteer team and for helping all of your mentees become all that they can be!